The Most Beautiful City in the World

In 1550 Sir Francis Drake sailed by Cape Town and wrote in his ship's log, "The Most Beautiful Cape in all the World"
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Things to do and see in Cape Town and the Garden Route

So many reasons to make Cape Town the next stop on your "Bucket List"

Cape Town - Your Adventure starts here in the most beautiful city in the world!

Roti making in progress while the food is cooking.

Malay Style Cooking Classes

Cape Town is a city with a very diverse culture especially so with the Malay influence from the past when slavery was rife at the Cape in the early days of its existence.

Malay slaves was brought in from the Indonesian Archipelego and a few was prominent royalty from there held at Robben Island as political prisoners by the ruling Dutch. 

The royal prisoners were accompanied by their entire household and staff which all belonged to the Islamic faith, which subsequently led to the strong Muslim influence at the Cape. Some of these prisoners like Sheikh Yusuf of Macassar from Malaysia and Tuan Guru a prince from the Tidore Islands was prominent figures in establishing Islam at the Cape. As can be expected in the case of royalty their customs was carried on in captivity and when finally freed they were allowed to own land and settle in Cape Town. My great great grandfather was Tuan Guru, He wrote the entire Quran from memory which can still be seen in the first mosque built in 1795.

Although Islam was banned by the Dutch it still flourished and was finally allowed to practise legally in 1804.

Malaysian & Indonesian culture was by then firmly established and further strengthened with abolishment of slavery.

Malaysian delicasies and food was very much sought after by the then British rulers at the Cape.

The Malaysians was very experienced in the art of mixing spices and herbs in their style of cooking and today we offer these Cooking classes where visitors can interact with descendants of these Malaysian slaves and learn the secrets of there cullinary delights first hand. 

The classes consists firstly a tour of the Malay Quarter now popularly known as the Bo-Kaap with their beautiful colourfully painted houses, thereafter you will be introduced to the spice traders thats been in existence for over 70 years, a walk through the Bo-Kaap and then onto the cooking venue. 

Here you will be taught how to mix various spices, start cooking your own pot of food, mix and fry Roti's (flat bread), Samoosas and Daltjies. 

Afterwards you will sit down and enjoy your own homecooked meal.



Learning about spices while the pot is being stirred by a visitor

Gangster Museum

Township Tours in Khayalitsha; Langa and Gugulethu

Khayalitsha (New Home) 3-hour Walking Tour

Established as an Apartheid dumping ground in 1983 to take up the overflow from the other townships. The population has grown from virtually thousands (8300 to be exact) to almost 4 million currently.

In an area of +- 50 sq km it is the most densely populated. More than 50% of inhabitants are under 20 years of age and 7% is over 50.

In Feb 2012 a full-on hospital was opened.

One of the major tourist attractions in the township of Khayelitsha is Look Out Hill. From here you have a spectacular view over the area surrounding South Africa's second largest township.

It´s is best visited on a good Township Tour of Cape Town´s townships. At this stage the sole activity at Look Out Hill in Khayelitsha, 40-km from Cape Town, is climbing the platform build on the largest sand dune on the Cape Flats. This is the area where many colored and black townships were created during South Africa's apartheid era.

From Lookout Hill one has a breath-taking view over Khayelitsha, the Cape Flats and Table Mountain in the distance. The place was developed with a restaurant for tourists and several art and culture facilities as an amphitheater and an exhibition room.

First Gangster Museum in Africa located in Khayelitsha.

Let’s meet here and give you indepth history/current about Khayelitsha. Let the 18 Gangster Museum team host you and get to unpack the gang history and consequences and their learnings.

Have you seen gangs transforming and contributing positively in shaping their society? Now it’s time!! 45 Minutes. Are you ready? The walk begins, take pictures, engage with community. How we greet in Xhosa “Molweni “

Join & Experience the 2nd Biggest township in South Africa

• Let us unpack the history of our township and have a 360 view of Khayelitsha.

• Walk through the community.

• Coffee at Sikis coffee shop -Walk through Khayelitsha Mall & Wall of Remembrance

• Spinach King (Green Bakery)

• Take a local taxi to 18 Gangster Museum and spend the session with reformed ex-prisoners. • Kindergarten /Crèche

• Our last for nice braai meat, pap & Chackalaka @ Randz Cape Town

• Various tour options available i.e. Township Surfing; Gangster Museum Tour; Walking & Cycling tour etc., enquire for your best option & budget.

View from Lookout Hill

The 12 Apostles overlooking Camps Bay

Scuba dive with Sharks in the Predator Tank at the CT Aquarium. Novices do an orientation Discover Scuba course & then are allowed to scuba in the Predator Tank.

Cheetah Encounters in Oudtshoorn at the Cango Wildlife Ranch

Join us for an exciting weekend excursion to Mosselbay on a Big 6 Safari

Shark Cage Diving one of the Big 6

One of Africa's Big 6 on the Weekend Special to Mossel Bay

Swim with African Penguins at Boulders Beach

Zipline Tsitsikamma Waterfalls

Tandem ride for the younger riders

Zipline is part of our Garden Route Tour 13 ziplines running to and fro over the Tsitsikamma Waterfalls.


The Point of Human Origin

Also known as Bat Cave at the Point in Mossel Bay

Experience the "Point of Human Origins". According to Prof. Marean life started in Mossel Bay around 200 000 to 400 000 years ago. In his opening address to the 44th Nobel Conference at the Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota on the 7th October 2008. His lecture "The African Evidence for the Origins of Modern Human Behaviour" explained his thesis that the climate, vegetation & geography around the Mossel Bay area provided perfect living conditions for the core population of about 600 humans living there were the progenitors of everyone alive today. 

In 2015 the SA government submitted a proposal to add the cave to the list of World Heritage Sites & it was subsequently listed with UNESCO.

Cango Caves, Oudtshoorn, Western Cape South Africa.

The amazing Cango Caves discovered by an African Herder in 1780 in Oudsthoorn. 

Cape Point, the tip of the African Continent. On the left is the Cape of Good hope where the first Portuguese Bartholomew Diaz landed in 1487. He then sailed on to Mossel Bay and discovered that he had passed Table Bay so he turned back to land in Table Bay in 1488. 

Abseil the Waterfalls on the Smalblaar (narrow leaf) River from 15 - 50mt high in the Hottentots -Holland Mountains east of Cape Town. This is a full day excursion and best done in summer when the weather is warmer.

Full Day Game Fishing Excursion


Deep sea angling is unlike any other type of angling. Experience the excitement of reeling in and landing a 20 -100kg Yellowtail or Tuna and discover what you’ve been living for. You and your business colleagues, friends or family will be taken out to sea off the coast of the Tip of the African Continent where you will spend about 5 hours (optional full day) battling game fish i.e. Yellow & Longfin Tuna, Atlantic Blue & Mako Sharks known for their fighting ability. You will be creating memories that will remain with you foreverrrr! This will be a life changing experience for any level of angler from novice to professional.

If you are very fortunate it’s highly likely that you may encounter Whales or Dolphins. We are able to customize the excursion to your requirements.

Numbers are however limited to 6 per vessel.


The following is included in the Charter priced from $300 USD p/p:


• Vessel and all equipment to make your day a most memorable experience.

• A licensed Skipper & deckhands.

• All necessary safety equipment.

• Food and drinks.

• 20 to 40 Nautical miles off shore

• Shimano fishing gear

• Targeted species Yellowfin, Skipjack, Bigeye & Longfin Tuna

• 32 Magnum walk-around vessel

• Duration + - 8 hours

• Please note these trips are governed by the weather 

Booking is absolutely essential.